OA Supporter Membership

We appreciate that some institutions may not wish to sign up to a book package, or may not be able to. However they might still want to support, and help to fund, the Open Access monographs that Liverpool University Press will be publishing. For these institutions we have created an ‘OA Supporter Membership’.

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You can sign up to an OA Supporter Membership 'package’ for three years - this will help to fund OA monographs but you will not receive access to any backlist packages of book titles. It is simple and quick to join: just fill in the sign up form with the appropriate details and we’ll do the rest. No further action is required from you once we have processed the payment.

The OA Supporter Membership fees are the same as for our book packages. Library and institutional members are banded according to their size. Based on this, our annual membership fees are:

Tier 1: Large institutions with active research programmes 


Tier 2: Small to mid-sized research universities; commercial customers 


Tier 3: ‘New universities’ and other medium-sized institutions with a focus on undergraduate study 


Tier 4: Smaller / specialised institutions and lesser-funded institutions 


Tier 5: Non-profits, museums, schools 


Membership is for a minimum of three years.

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